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Knitting Geekery: Why I should never be left to my own devices in a quiet house after dark…

So, I got bored. It happens, usually after kidlet is in bed and husband has come home and, after a fashion, retreated upstairs to our room to sleep. I am left with two snoring dogs and a sudden dilemma over whether I should play World of Warcraft, struggle with schoolwork I’d rather not look at, clean the house, or knit while streaming Netflix to the PS3. (Because heaven forbid I use the PS3 to play… I don’t know… video games?) Tonight, knitting won.

After many attempts to find a pattern on Ravelry that I felt complemented my blue-jean-colored variegate yarn by Berocco, with no success (Either the pattern wasn’t interesting enough or was too complicated… I’m picky. Sue me.), I decided to improvise one of my own patterns. Inspired by a leaf lace pattern from a tank top design I’d followed last year, I whipped out my calculator and Sock Wizard (to help me with the tricky arranging of stitches) and got to work writing down my idea.

While light blue, grey, and dark blue colors might not necessarily scream “knit me in a leafy lace pattern!”, I’m still hopeful that it will turn out well. If I’m happy with the results, I may put it through the pattern testers group on Ravelry so they can iron out the kinks for me before I post it for sale on that site. If enough folks here are interested, however, I may extend the pattern testing to a select few volunteers from this blog. People who pattern test for me, of course, will receive a finished copy of the .pdf for free, and I will include pictures of their finished socks in the pattern itself.

Of course, this all hinges on me being able to pull off a workable sock pattern.

Cross your fingers!

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