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If you can’t go to Gold’s Gym…

Ok, so I’ve been searching for a way to increase my exercise regimen without killing myself… And I’ve also been trying to find a way to tone my arms more, so that I can avoid the loose hanging skin as I lose weight. I managed to stumble on Gold’s Gym for the Wii (which will use the balance board from the Wii Fit bundle in some of its exercises) for $14.99 at Target today as I was going through checkout.

So, it has two options for boxing styles: You can choose to box with a Wii Remote and a Nunchuck, or you can choose to box with two Wii Remotes… I chose the latter, since I’m tired of semi-garroting myself with the cord that trails between the remote and the nunchuck. It offers Shape Boxing lessons, Pushups, agility/balance tests in the form of dodging punches, sit-ups, squats, etc. Some use the Wii Fit balance board and some don’t (so don’t worry if you don’t have a Wii Fit!).

It’s pretty intensive, even on beginner. I’m sitting here pouring sweat after only 10 minutes of Shape Boxing. Although, it’s a good workout feeling! I’m going to take a few minutes’ more beating on the Gold’s Gym and then plug it in as Wii Fit credit before continuing my workout on that!

Crazy, you say? Well, yes.

…But I’ve been fat for 10 years, dammit!

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