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Ta-Da!!! The pattern! It is finished!

Anyone wanna beta-test a sock?


What I need from testers is basically the following:

    * Make sure that the pattern is completely readable and easy to understand for knitting newbies.
    * Tell me what size sock you’re making and what fiber of yarn. (I’m open to yarn substitutions, but I’d prefer a bamboo or flexible cotton blend.)
    * A digital photo of the finished sock(s) with decent lighting and clearly visible detail of the finished product. Photos submitted will be used in final draft of pattern, with appropriate credit given to the corresponding tester. 🙂
    * Deadline is August 22nd, but I can be flexible if you need more time. Just send me a message and we’ll discuss it.

Standard “please don’t share this pattern with anyone else until it’s finished” disclaimers apply.

I won’t be able to pay you, but you’ll get the finished draft of the pattern for free in exchange for your troubles, as well as credit for testing and photos in the pattern when it goes up for sale on Ravelry.

Leave a comment here if you would like to test the pattern. Once I hit my cap on testers, I’ll comment back to let you all know.

Thanks and I hope to hear from some interested knitters!

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