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Yo ho ho, buddy…

I wish I was making this up…

My nightly routine is to drive 45 minutes to another city in order to pick my husband up from work (in the brand-new VW Routan SE he bought me! Huzzah!). I’m standing outside his store as he closes it, talking to one of his regular customers about the hobby miniatures they sell. The parking lot in front of the store is completely dark, save for the glow from street lights near the neighboring grocery store and the glare from the light refracting off the tops of cars in front of the store. We’re mid-conversation about Dark Eldar and Khaine when we hear this guttural chanting coming our way from the distance. We look around in confusion, saying “Do you hear that?” “Yeah, what is that?” etc.

Allow me to paint the picture of the individual we saw…

Pirate hat, a la Captain Jack. Eyeliner. Dreadlocks with beads. Goatee/mustache. Pirate vest over white long-sleeved buccaneer’s shirt. Breeches and boots. Red bicycle. Shasta bottle in one hand, with which he is gesticulating wildly whilst chanting (at the top of his lungs):

“Dead men tell no tales! …Hunh!… Dead men tell no tales! … Hunh!” …ad infinitum.

I shit you not.

…Gotta love L.A.

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  1. August 9, 2010 at 11:22 pm

    lmao! That is so funny! haha
    I would have died laughing.

    • August 10, 2010 at 2:59 am

      Yeah. I was so baffled… even though we went to school near the mecca for weirdness, I was still a bit startled by that behavior. 😛 I guess my tolerance for surprising antics has lowered due to lack of repeated exposure in recent years.

      Heck of a welcome back to the sunny state, eh? “Welcome back to Cali! Here: have a pirate.”

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