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No, Mommy! I wanna workout!

So, my 16 month old is The Great Imitator, as they all are at that age. She’s not very articulate, being verbal only in the babbling “I have my own language… don’t you wish you understood it?” sense. But, she’s smart as a whip. She’s been able to hold a controller since she was old enough to roll over onto her stomach, and has always known how to hold it the right way — without my husband or me showing her. She’s fascinated by computers, and will often sneak into our computer chairs to uninstall some randomly crucial file unless we have the foresight to lock the keyboard when we get up, but even then we run the risk of peripheral accessory damage…

Today, her fascination was with the Wii Fit that I was working out on for 45 minutes. (Before I caved and had cheesecake, thereby invalidating my calorie burn session for the day.) I almost kicked her in the head twice when she walked behind me during my workout. Then, when I went to do the arm-toning exercises, which don’t require a balance board, she shouted “Hey, Dada!” at her father, then stepped up and started dancing on the Wii balance board. On her face was the look of, “This is how my mommy plays the game, and I’m a big enough girl to do it too!” When I had to use the board again, my husband distracted her with her sippy cup. She saw me get onto the board and immediately shrieked “nananananana!” at me, rushing the side of my kneecaps to push me off the board.

She caught me by such surprise, she actually succeeded the first time. Falling off the balance board, I had enough time to see her stand in the middle of the spot she’d just pushed me out of, then dance around in circles while looking at her father, as if to say, “See, Daddy? I’m a big girl!”

By attempt three or four, I’d gotten wise to her sabotage. She wasn’t pleased.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t understand the concept of “Wait till you’re three years old.”

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