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So, it has already been established, by those who know me, that I should never be handed a credit card and a laptop… KnitPicks will be shipping product to my house for days. I’ve developed into a bit of a yarn-snob, however, and only shopped at KP and various LYS (local yarn stores). Chain-store-stocked acrylic yarns have never really done it for me, and I can’t abide Red Heart. Michael’s was never on my radar, until the last couple of days.

I saw their stock, and I warned my husband that there was going to be a yarn purchase on the horizon… If I only knew before I hit the register today…

…Husband’s gonna kill me, but I’ll die with yarn!


Purchase tally:

Lion Brand Yarn – Homespun: 3 balls Baroque, 3 balls Barrington
Patons Classic Wool: 4 balls Plum Heather, 1 ball Currant, 1 ball Cognac Heather, 1 ball Jade Heather
Naturally Caron – Spa: 1 ball Berry Frappe, 1 ball Ocean Spray, 1 ball Green Sheen

One size 15 29″ circular needle
One set of bamboo size 9 straight needles
One size 8 16″ circular needles.

Almost bought Paton’s Grace in a variegated purple, as well as several skeins of Caron Simply Soft… but… meh. Another time. When I’m not about live through the part of my vows that state “..’til death do us part.” In my own defense, this yarn is for holiday presents…

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