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My baby can read…

My youngest is almost 17 months old, and she already has a grasp of what some words are and what they mean, even though she still doesn’t really talk. We’ve had her watching Your Baby Can Read DVDs (that are sold on television, etc.) for the last two months.  Now, I’m integrating flash cards.  In preparation for the flash cards, I bought a cheap white board and wrote down three words from her videos.  She toddled over to me and I asked her to point to the word “clap”.  She clapped at me.  I repeated my request and she studied her options. (I had written down clap, wave, and hi.)  After a couple of seconds, she pointed to the correct word.  We went spastic at her and clapped and said “good girl!” repeatedly.  Then she stole the white board.

The videos for Your Baby Can Read are a bit expensive (costing in the area of $200, if you go through the television ads), but they work.  They’re based on the principle of memorization at an early age.  Once the children have memorized the first 50 words, the videos change it up, adding “-ing” and “-ed” to the words.  The videos also elicit interaction from the kids watching them, asking them to point to the body part indicated by the word on the screen, or asking if they have seen that particular word anywhere before.  My daughter is in love with Sprout (formerly PBS Kids television station), but she’ll drop everything she’s doing in order to watch the Your Baby Can Read videos and smiles the biggest we’ve ever seen when she can identify a word before the kids in the video say what it is.

If you can afford them, or borrow the system from a friend, I heartily recommend that you do so.  My daughter loves it, and it’s the best feeling in the world to watch her learn something new and feel proud of herself. Even if she’s not completely able to read yet, she’s got a firm grasp on language and what the words mean.  Saying “hey, arms up!” results in her grinning real big and prancing around the room with her arms over her head now…

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