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Tales of a Procrastinating Geek…

On my desk (which is now upstairs in the house, by the way) there is an ever-increasing pile of to-geek-upon tasks. This pile includes video-game-playing, school work, knitting plans, writing projects, miniatures to be painted, books to be read, and graphics manipulation programs to putz around with. At some point, I plan to get to all of them. No, really.

I am, however, happy to report that the Overseas Christmas Knitting Project ™ is proceeding along quite nicely, at a *cough*leisurely brisk*cough* pace.  We may actually make our quota and deadline at the same time this year.  Perish the thought.  (Whether I remember to take pictures of the finished projects for my Ravelry project page before shipping them off to the U.K., however, is another matter entirely.)

My daughter, in other news, is a riot. She realized sometime last week that she was not allowed to touch mommy’s paints, video game controllers, knitting supplies, or pens. I know. I’m such a killjoy. Now, she sneaks her way to these items and, upon being caught, rushes toward me with contraband in hand and a look on her face that clearly says “Oh, there you are, Mommy! Look! I was just getting this to bring to you, and am I not the most awesome daughter ever???” I have to struggle not to capitulate to the cuteness.

Of course, we’re talking about the same child who thought the lenses of my glasses could use Moar!Crayon(tm).

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