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Holy crap! I’m not dead!


So sorry about the gap in posting, but life gets hectic ’round the holidays. Maybe filling you in on the chaos, in bulk, will make up for the lack of daily updates?

November ~

Opened up my Etsy store with one official product listing to date… working on the rest of the inventory right now.

Thanksgiving trips back and forth between Simi Valley and where we’re living now have been …hectic.

Designed and completed my 20-month-old’s bell-sleeve sweater, only to find out that she suffers from the same way-too-long-for-most-clothing torso that I have. Dammit.

Started another round of classes and am close to getting a below-average grade in my algebra class. I suck at math, people, let’s not act surprised…

December ~

Began designing a massive project that would become a niche product for my store. You’ll see pictures when I’ve started mocking up models.

Taught myself amigurumi. If you haven’t yet, you must purchase Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden. The patterns in that book inspired me to re-learn crochet, as well as provided the building blocks for me to design my own stuff!

Created a few toys based off of popular t.v. and movie franchises, which is why they will not be advertised here. (They’re cute, but I don’t need the lawsuits, sorry.)

Went to husband’s ultra-cool job’s Christmas party… at Disneyland. Color me awestruck.

Managed to get surprisingly little done in World of Warcraft, as I’ve been busy with knitting, crochet, school, and child duties (not necessarily in that order, of course). Funny how MMORPGs take a back seat in that case… and how few MMORPG players actually seem to have their values on straight. I’ve been bitched at and/or ignored so many times because of having to go “afk for child” that I just don’t bother grouping anymore.

Had a surprisingly civil Christmas with the family, and got excellent presents from both my family and my in-laws. Kiddo made out like a bank robber with the amount of loot we had to pack into the back of the van…

Dyed my hair and the husband’s hair jet black, in preparation for chunky purple and blue highlights. Livin’ on the edge, baby.

Toyed with the idea of creating a knitting blog to tie into my store, but I have a hard enough time keeping up with this blog. Even though the store and this blog have two different names, I’m sure people will be smart enough to put two and two together for now.

There’s a bunch that I’m going to be doing to get my store ready for the new year, so keep an eye out!

Hopefully I’ll be able to post more about my new designs soon…

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