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Nerd Wars!

To top off my insane need to start new projects and rarely finish them, I have joined Nerd Wars, a group on Ravelry where knitting geeks square off on teams, knitting furiously to earn points for the most innovative expressions of their team’s geekery.

I have joined Team Epic, the team for World of Warcraft players, as well as players of other MMOs and DnD-type games. Other teams include Team TARDiS (for Doctor Who fanatics), Team Enterprise (Star Trek), Team Precious (Lord of the Rings), Team Rangers (Babylon 5), Team Bazinga (no idea, but I’m sure they’re lovely), and others.

In addition to proposals for projects that will take 3 months, we also have the opportunity to compete in challenges with themes. Exciting, no?

I’ll showcase pictures of my FO’s here when the tournament is done.

  1. Mazz
    February 4, 2011 at 4:49 pm

    Team Bazinga! is for Big Bang Theory fans. I wouldn’t be able to choose a team as I fall into so many of those groups I couldn’t pledge allegiance to one.

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