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Temporary setback…

I know I was all POSTPOSTPOSTPOST…and then there was a week-long (or longer) lull in activity here… I’ve had in-laws and birthdays and schoolwork (’tis finals week for me) and marital stuff…

Plus, I’ve got depression and anxiety issues that have reached the forefront of my brain.

Trying to re-focus my brain, but it’s arguing with me. And since my anxiety encompasses just about any social activity, usually, to the point of near-agoraphobia, yeah… I’ll just be here. Sitting at my desk. Reading fanfiction.

Why fanfiction?

Because it provides the illusion of control over characters that are not my own, so when they do things that are long-hallowed customs in the land of Fucktardia, I can smack them around and make them do naughty things for my own amusement.

…It’s the little things that give you small boosts in your self-esteem levels…

Dance, fuckers, dance.

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  1. April 22, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    I read your post yesterday, and wanted to leave a comment, but thought perhaps I could reflect for a bit and think of something comforting or witty or encouraging to say. But I think that we’ll just have to make due with this clumsy comment: I’m sorry stuff is tough. I hear you. Glad fan fiction brings you some comfort, but I hope you don’t get stuck in hiding-out mode.

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