I need a favor from one of you crazy people…

Okay, so someone put the idea in my head that one or more of the wacky blog titles from yesterday would be a great t-shirt.

That same person also begged me to make a t-shirt on Zazzle or something so she could get one. (At least, I assume you’re a she… the Internet makes you all androgynous until proven gendered.)


So, if anyone is batshit insane enough to give a crap, I need someone with drawing skills (since I have none) and a practiced level of sanity (since I have none of that, either) to work with me on a design. You’ll get credit on the blog for your toil and trouble (and patience, since I am a flighty, absentminded twit), as well as a shared (c) thingie on the image with me.

Use it for your portfolio, if you dare, or order it on the shirt and use it as a makeshift nappie. The possibilities are endless.

Because, honestly, when you think about it… who doesn’t want a cloth diaper extolling the virtues of a hot sauce-filled piñata?

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