You, Madam, are eukaryotic cells in my apartment.

I forget where I saw this, but it was probably on The Bloggess’ site.

That can be my next tweet! takes your previous entries on your Twitter feed and jumbles them about to create new Tweets for you. It is horrifyingly addictive. It’s like crack, cut with newborn baby smell, topped with caffeinated soda, and served with a side of chocolate-covered fruit bits. Only less sticky and/or illegal in several states…

In lieu of anything productive to contribute to society, and to buy myself more time to throw at knitting a robot, I present you with the following (which were too good to not copy and paste):

  • You, Madam, are eukaryotic cells in my apartment.
  • …the update is fail. Small human put face in class. lol awww! body/chest width is overrated.
  • Hey, at least you’re going to knit items needed with age.
  • I wish I have Matchbox 20 songs stuck in Amsterdam today! ^_^ Now I totally makes the history books.
  • Elmo’s a sad panda. NVM. I may have to split the Tudors. Separate but not paying those.
  • Husband has been asking to self-initiate a damn that totally makes the blissful existence of ice cream!
  • Dammit. I have spent far as middle of my pretties. I’m a Thai hooker.
  • I’ve done what Nerds can no longer shock the tickets. They brick your table. Thank god.
  • Dear cable company: kindly unfuck yourself at your geek out until Monday morning…
  • For those apple bongs in my body has been complete without completing stories.
  • That’s what celebrity name smells like. Life’s goal realized. As in your earliest convenience.
  • I can cross off time… d’awww.
  • It’s a giant testicle. Not bad for stay tuned today; I find myself oddly saddened by which yonder crops?
  • Don’t apologize! Sheesh, woman. Drink some writing sprint today. If I identify as knit a freebie to help?
  • The Man from my work. Item the second: People have been less than 6 months of ice cream, that I will be.
  • Wish I’d been in your car than listen to cut down that final ep. I shall link the scene for some wine.
  • Braiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinz…. finally got really don’t have an iPad2. Why? Because I was lost the Shrubber?
  • Agreed. Too bad for Torchwood? Cuz that’d be roughly 8-10, judging by a giant testicle.
  • Following. Asshole.
  • They’re adorable. Just saw the non-asshat contingent, too? I laughed. I’m gonna have jaws…
  • Wait. I have nightmares of insanity! HA! I will laugh so I will laugh so do…
  • Catching up on TV… I owe them onto his chest. See if Roy’s head is question?
  • I find myself YouTube. lol Husband got upset. EXACTLY!
  • I’ve been too busy dancing about pissing in an assistant.
  • That’s Roy’s lower jaw… if your mommy’s asses are doing what? Roy’s the dog’s bollocks…
  • Thank god. I need an affirmative defense… Well, for yourself, about Shakespeare.
  • If you to knit this morning. I’ve taken 8 years honestly, I’m awake, dammit.
  • Husband has been hit by offending everyone out of my disbursement, but that’s hilarious. yes.
  • Awesome! Can’t wait to go to join in. In the blog. My xmas tree over there…
  • You’re not quite dead…. I have to create ranch-flavored juice. In the TARDIS!
  • Wow. I know. My photoshop insanity invariably winds up in Amsterdam today! ^_^ Now I laughed.

I worry myself.

  1. AngelGypsy
    May 17, 2011 at 5:46 am

    Oh. Em. Gee.

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