First Official Roy the Robot Update – May 27, ’11

I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath, anxious to hear about how Roy the Robot is coming along. Well, after 17 days of work on the part of ethelmuggs, hhooppyy, and myself, we’re almost 1/3rd of the way through!

Layout of Roy, pre-stitching

The Breakdown:

I did everything in the picture immediately above, as the pieces that the other girls are doing haven’t been finished yet, let alone mailed to me.  They’re not scheduled to be shipped out until the last week of June, to give the packages enough time to get here and for me to have enough time to stitch the final pieces into place before Nerd HQ!

On May 10th, I started knitting Roy, with the intention of going from the crown of his head downward:

For this, I started with a set of 5 size-5 DPNs (double-pointed needles).
At first, what you see in this picture was intended to be his lower jaw, worked toward the top of his head. …Until about here, where I noticed that his head was a bit too… short?… to be matched to the head in the drawing.
As I stuffed the head with Fiber-fil, I realized that I’d have to rearrange his face a bit… The only reason I’m in this shot is to demonstrate how large Roy’s noggin ended up being. Forget you saw me.
Next, I knit his shoulders. They measure, without stretching, about 10.5″ across. Roy’s head is ~3″ across at his chin. Beta-max/VCR, as compared to the actual drawing. My iPad has been invaluable through all of this.
Again, this panel, and the Beta-max panel measured ~10.5″ across. For those of you who have ever wandered into TNM’s chatroom and asked “Why the hell does KellaKnits just sit there, not talking, for 8 hours at a stretch?” …This is what I’m probably doing.
When I first TwitPic’d this, I called it a CD drive. In my poor inner-Nerd’s defense, I was pretty high on back meds at the time. I might also have been daydreaming about the sound system I had installed in my ’95 Intrepid… Could be a device for keeping pens and calculators safe on the front of your robot’s chest, could be a crudely-disguised pack of Marlboros. Dare you to try smoking it, though… acrylic melts, man.
The fun part: sewing it all together by hand! (No, really. That’s one of the fun parts.) Trying to keep even the smallest details from the original drawing alive during assembly, like the black dashes along the bottom of the pocket protector.
I couldn’t find any patterns for pens, just a plethora of patterns for sonic screwdrivers. As tempted as I was, I didn’t have the colors required. Trust me, when I put this inside the pocket protector with its buddies, it’ll look a lot more like a pen and less like a… tampon.

Hhooppyy‘s efforts in this project have been mighty, as she had to teach herself how to knit so she could do more than crochet our cables and cords (which is a help in and of itself!)…

Originally, hhooppyy’s schedule precluded a large commitment to the project, so we decided that crocheting the connectors/cables would be plenty! Then she decided to teach herself how to knit to dive further into being of use. This was a stab taken at a controller. For having just taught one’s self how to knit, that looks pretty good, no?
She decided to have a go at making the 2″ x 2″ 5.25″ floppy disks that are going all over Roy. The second one is better. I didn’t even try colorwork until I’d been knitting again for almost a year. I am in awe of hhooppyy’s resolve.

Ethelmuggs (@christinajewel) has been knitting our NES controllers (white and red) for Roy’s arms and legs.

All of us working on Roy are probably putting Coats & Clark’s kids through college… Ethel says she looked up a Nintendo controller pattern on Ravelry, then resized it to fit.
Ethel had three practice rounds before she finally got to a point where she could accept what she’d made. (She’s still not 100% satisfied. Tell her she’s crazy.) I love Ethel. She remembered to block so the controllers looked pretty for the camera!
Handheld controller of the fuzzy kind!  C’mon… you have to admit that there’s been some pretty sweet geekery afoot this month.

There you have it, folks! The first (major) update on Roy’s construction status, with more to come! Stay tuned to my Twitter feed and #RoytheRobot for all the latest TwitPics, etc.

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