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Post-production Herp-Derp: Caption contest

I’m not one of those people that loves something just because it’s yet another product by someone whom they already love because of previous products/achievements.  I like things on an individual basis; songs, movies, television, books, etc.  Just because my favorite book was written by Peter David doesn’t mean that Mr. David has an all-access pass to my loyalty and affection from that point onward. Keep striving, don’t get lazy, and if it’s good I will love you again.  This is why services like Hulu and iTunes work so well for me, because it allows me to pick and choose from what rises to the top, rather than buy CDs with songs I love mixed in with songs I might loathe… But I digress.

I love Fringe.

That being said, I have a strong sense of “THAT DOESN’T GEL, YOU ASSHAT” when it comes to how things look on screen… Mister Abrams: I applaud your team’s initiative in loosening the hiring requirements in production, but as someone who graduated 8th grade geography in Oklahoma… please consider an educational pub quiz after work from time to time?

Exhibit A:

Apparently the extra "t" was taken in a compromise with the 99%...

In alternate universes, double consonants are punishable by amber...

Now, see, I’ve started you all off; your turn to caption this!

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