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Two Police Boxes Walk Into a Bar…

I met @BekitoBurrito in person the other day (I’d forgotten she lived where I moved to. Derp.) and we’ve been palling about the weekend long, practically.  She’s pretty much the blonde version of me, we’re almost identical personalities, likes, etc. and it kinda creeps my husband out.  (I’d say “Bonus!”, but I’m sure that I’ll want to get laid eventually…)  Siobhan’s already adopted her. “C’mere Beki! Beki, look at the cwouds! Beki, want a cookie?”

Poor Beki.

So, I’m finishing up the TARDiS stud earrings for my store, and she’s clapping her hands gleefully.  I put the earrings on to model them so she can take a picture, and the conversation follows as such:

Beki: Aww! Cute Tardii! Tardises…?

Me:  I say Tardii too!

(pause for mutual squee of OMGWE’REFWIENDS!!!11~)

Beki: Well, what else would one call them, really…?

Me: Not sure…

Beki: Tardis-squared?

Me: Re-Tard-ed?

Beki: *dies*



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