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A Writer Is Me!

So, I’ve been away a long time. I apologize for that. Got a second job while trying to write two books at the same time. Just because, in my brain, “multitasking” and “masochism” are the same word. (Hey, they’re both “m”s…)

I just finished submitting my A Stepsister’s Tale query packet to Kindle Serials, Amazon.com’s new program that releases books in “episode” format. Basically, you pay $1.99, or whatever the cost is, for the entire ebook up front, and then you get new episodes uploaded to your Kindle as they come out. Like WIPs on a (fan)fiction archive, really, only with stricter quality control.

So now I’m sitting here, biting what little nails I have left, and hoping that they like me… they really like me.

Now I need to keep writing on it, so that I have more episodes when they ask!

(And I’ll try to remember to post here more.)

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