Author Bio

I kinda suck at this whole “describing myself” thing. Which is funny, because I want to be a writer when(if) I grow up. So, how about this…

My name is Kella.

I have a child. I speak of her often, because she is funny.

I have a husband. I speak of him less often, because he thinks he is unfunny and gets grumbly in the face. Posts with him featured are either through unavoidable circumstances or passive aggression. You will never know which.

I am a woman of varied interests, including (but not limited to, and in no particular order):

Books and writing them
Gluing paper to shit
Doctor Who
Skee-ball (I do not claim to be good)
Dancing like nobody’s watching (because otherwise I’d never dance)
Shonda Rhimes shows
Random music (no, seriously. the shit I listen to is fucking random.)
Star Trek
Cards Against Humanity
Final Fantasy
RPGs (tabletop and video game)
Singing at the top of my lungs for no reason
Inventing curse words (expect this and plan your browsing environment accordingly)
My cats (not yours)
My dogs (not yours)
My children (maybe yours, depends on the offer)
Acting and improv
Musical theater
Nerd HQ
Creating things

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