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Demand to speak to life’s manager!

October 13, 2011 3 comments

As you may or may not have realized by now, I am a creature of craft-centric impulses. I am also a compulsive video game nut. This works well for my husband, who works for a video game company. He usually avoids my yarn-related projects, unless they’re of a geeky bent… then he adopts them and pimps them out.

He is currently fiercely protecting this Portal 2-inspired little guy:

It's just a lemon...

And if you want to know who’s to blame for the combustible yarn-lemons:


That’s right people.  That’s all it takes for me to shiny object.

I have plans for this flammable citrus.  I’m going to install a zipper with a lit fuse fob on the end.  Then, I’m going to try to rig it so that the flames accordion up and out of the lemon while you’re unzipping it.  Then I’m going to find a way to swap them for the lemons in Valve’s cafeteria.  Assuming they have lemons.  Oh well.  Who are they to argue with free, questionable, fake lemons?

You can see I’ve put far too much thought into this…

Next, a portato gun!


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