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Friends don’t let friends drink and write…

April 11, 2011 4 comments

I know I used to write fanfiction and even (gasp) ran a somewhat popular fanfiction archive for Buffy the Vampire Slayer “back in the day”… For this I apologize emphatically, and assure all actors involved that my standards were very strict: no more than one sheep per ‘fic. Period. No exceptions.

I left the fanfiction “community” for many years and have only recently begun to dip my toe in the cesspool of literary castoffs again. (Why? Because I’m a glutton for masochistic punishment. And most of my favorite shows are on break. As a result I indulge my morbid curiosity and sense of ohgodwhatthefuckwasthat?!?!) The one thing that being in that group of aspiring writers did teach me was to watch characterization, make prose more creative and natural-sounding, and always check to make sure you’ve spelled your words right.

Something I think that is overlooked far too often is word usage. Another thing would be proper characterization. Seriously, people, if you’re writing a fanfiction piece about (let’s say) Bones, do us all a favor and keep the characters in check? Nothing makes me laugh more sarcastically, before scrambling for the brain bleach, like a fic where Brennan is using slang accurately and offering to quit her job to be the little woman at home for a brooding Angel Booth.

Wait a minute…

See what I did there?
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