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Here we go again! (or “Why Kella is queen of myriad unfinished works…”)

October 3, 2010 Leave a comment

So, my brother is going to school to become a sound guy for video game companies… or something like that.  I think the title has to do with audio engineering.  Oddly enough, I’ve gotten the bug to re-investigate my programming roots in recent weeks.  In high school, I started to take programming classes, did really well for a while, then almost flunked and had to drop the class due to real life dumping on my head.  Unfortunately for me, 10 years later, there are far more programming languages now then there were when I left… I decided to reverse-engineer my way to a decision by starting with what I wanted to do after learning a new language.

Since I’ve been toying with the idea of creating 3D games (or at least learning how) for a while now, I decided to start by researching open-source game engines.  Blender is amazing!  Just looking through the gallery had me drooling and daydreaming up all sorts of things that I would do after learning how to use such a program.  I promptly downloaded the Python library and command-line interface required to run/edit Blender efficiently.  Then I realized just how dumbed-down I’ve become in the intervening decade.

Thank goodness for wiki pages!

I’ve got all sorts of game and game-like interface ideas floating around in my head now.  The question is: Do I have the ability to learn this on my own?

We shall see…

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