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Hey Apple: Here’s your sign.

August 24, 2011 Leave a comment

So, today Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple.

This comes two weeks after Apple is announced as the most valuable stock on the NASDAQ.

Stocks have fallen 7% since Jobs made his announcement.  Anyone wanna start betting?

I get that Jobs has survived pancreatic cancer and is going through serious health problems, but perhaps there could have been a better time to announce this than during an economic meltdown?

Just sayin’.


Just wanted to say…

August 4, 2010 Leave a comment

…that I hate when a plan doesn’t come together.

My sock is this close to being done… had it bound off and everything. Took it upstairs to the roomie, who tried it on and almost couldn’t get it off. The cuff is too tight. 😦 So I frogged the bind-off (fascinating the other mother in the playdate yesterday, how did I get those stitches back onto those needles?!) and am going to undo stitches down to the point where the cuff starts. Maybe if I increase from size 1 needle to size 2, the cuff will be stretchier? Or do any of you think I’d be better off going up to a size 3?

In other, technology-related news:

When going to Best Buy to purchase a graphics card as an upgrade for your system, make sure you talk to Geek Squad. The salesmen, nice as they may be, know diddly about whether or not that card will fit in your damned case. I told the salesman that I had a slimline Dell… an Inspiron 546ST. He sold me a Radeon HD 5570. Got home, opened up my computer, opened up the packaging, cursed in several new languages as I realized that the card was ~2 inches wider than the case would allow, and wouldn’t fit into the PCI Express slot anyway.

Called Geek Squad up, and apparently they stopped carrying cards compatible with slimline machines over a year ago. Went back to BestBuy, got the refund (in cash instead of back to my debit card so I could, I don’t know… buy the card from Dell over the phone?), and returned home to put my machine back together sans new graphics card.


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