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Gettin’ my “Waaagh!” on…

August 15, 2010 2 comments

So, as if I didn’t have enough geeky hobbies, I have decided to take on another. My husband got a job working for his favorite company on the planet, which is based in the United Kingdom, and is now a professional retailer of all things small and stabby. He introduced me to the Black Library back when we got together, and I’ve been reading their Warhammer Fantasy novels (such as Malus Darkblade, Vampire Wars, etc.) and enjoying them. We also played Warhammer Online together for a little while, and would probably still be playing it if the population of the game were higher.

His job, however, centers on selling miniature war figures, and teaching people how to assemble, paint, group into armies, and beat the crap out of their friends with them. I have decided to be Supportive!Wife and, although I previously had a negative integer of interest in that side of the Games Workshop franchise, have discovered that I actually enjoy painting the little buggers. While my husband builds his fantasy Tzeentch/Slaanesh Chaos army, I’m painting my Dark Elf battalion. (Tee hee, they ride dinosaurs!)

Top tip, however: Hold your breath or wear a mask when spraying primer paint on your miniatures. I was tripping the light fantastic for half an hour…

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